Fire-fighting Systems

TURNKEY FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEMS. From design to installation.

We are able to supply turnkey firefighting equipment to protect the resources of our clients. We can supply and install any type of detection system, water, foam or gas fire extinguishing systems, UNI or NFPA booster sets and smoke evacuation systems, employing highly skilled technicians and installers to ensurong the highest quality and safety for our customers.
We have protected archives, museums, garages, supermarkets, warehouses, data centers, hotels, hospitals, manufacturing plants, petrochemical plants, logistics, all in compliance with the standards and requirements of the customer.


Maintenance and integrated management of automatic fire fighting systems ensures maximum reliability of operation in case of fire. Maintenance should be used to perform all the tests and simulations, in accordance with the norms, that help keep all the plants that have the function to protect the assets and investments of the customer efficient and synergistic.
All fire detection, fire extinguishing and smoke evacuation systems must work in perfect synergy and according to a precise intervention logic.

Safety always pays off...