Fire-fighting Products

The products sold, installed and then maintained are selected from the best national and international manufacturers.

  • Portable and trolley fire extinguishers;
  • Fire-fighters material, hoses, pump attack, columns hydrants, fire hydrants, fire hoses, fittings pump, jet pumps, monitors;
  • Escape and rescue facilities / equipment, medical first aid material, escape routes signs, autoprotectors, smoke hoods, escape caps, emergency lighting;
  • Corporate and emergency signs;
  • Complete equipment for firefighters and emergency squads;
  • Accident prevention material;
  • Fire-resistant doors, gates and closures;
  • Panic and emergency exit doors;
  • Smoke dampers;
  • Fire detection systems;
  • Fire-fighting systems for automatic shut-off;
  • Intumescent paints;
  • Passive fire barriers: panels, collars, mastic, foam.
Safety always pays off...