Fire-fighting Services


A.L.M.A. Antincendio Supplies both active and passive fire prevention equipment and workplace safety products.
The products are selected from the best national and international manufacturers.


Our technicians are divided by skills and mechanical, electrical or electronic competences and coordinated by a team of managers who ensure reliability and safety.


The concept of "maintenance" is definitely known and needs no special comment. It's quite obvious that any system, plant, equipment, machinery, etc, not subjected to a program of planned inspections and maintenance, will have an inevitable function decay over time. Particularly in the fire fighting sector, the performance of the facilities, systems and equipment are, fortunately, required very rarely and only due to accidents. This has led, in fact, to neglect maintenance in the fire-fighting and prevention sector, only to recriminate failure in case of emergency. A.L.M.A. Antincendio is capable of planning, guaranteeing and carrying out the maintenance of fire-fighting systems and security equipment, both land and naval, with seriousness and competence, issuing certificates of conformity on the entire national territory.

Maintenance and technical support is one of the core activities of A.L.M.A. Antincendio and is essential in order to ensure safety and reliability. Our competent and qualified technicians, who take care of the maintenance, are equipped with special instrumentation to be able to carry out most of the maintenance operations directly on site, in full compliance with technical standards. Through a special management software we can ensure punctual execution of the routine visits and allows us to collect all the necessary data of every single customer to draw up a customized register of the fire-fighting equipment.

We maintain:

  • Fire extinguishers;
  • Hydrants;
  • Extinguishing systems at fixed locations;
  • Automatic shut-off system;
  • Smoke detection systems;
  • Emergency lighting;
  • Smoke extractors;
  • REI fire doors;
  • Emergency exits with panic handles;
  • Breathing apparatus;
  • Equipment for firefighters;
  • Escape and danger signs;
  • Escape and rescue equipment.


A.L.M.A. is able to provide qualified and competent personnel to perform fire prevention surveillance during sporting events, fairs and exhibitions with certified fire fighting equipment.


Both theoretical and practical training is carried out by our highly skilled, competent and qualified technicians, either at the customer's site or at our fire-fighting training range.
The practice tests are carried out with fire simulators using different types of ignition.


The technical department of A.L.M.A. Antincendio is able to design through the use of our experts and specialized software, fire-fighting and extinguishing systems to protect businesses, goods and people. We can provide turnkey systems and equipments designed according to the standards and norms.

Safety always pays off...