Industrial Gas

The  A.L.M.A. Group offers services and products relating to the technical, food and medical gases sector, through the recharges and maintenance of gas cylinders. These services are provided thanks to our Refills and Testing Center authorized by the relevant authorities..

Our services, also carried out on site, are divided into the following activities:

Refills of cylinders, containers and bins

  • Technical gases, carbon dioxide CO2, nitrogen, oxygen, mixtures, argon, helium, acetylene, propane;
  • Food gases, carbon dioxide CO2, nitrogen, and mixtures;
  • Refrigerants;
  • Extinguishing gas.

Maintenance services of tanks, containers and bins

  • Testing;
  • Replacing and adjusting valves;
  • Painting;
  • Internal cleansing;
  • Construction of cylinder packs.
Safety always pays off...