Antipanic handles CE

By February 18, 2013, the Decree of 6 December 2011 (GU No. 299 of 24.12.2011) requires all operators to replace antipanic devices not CE marked, as they no longer comply with the safety regulations.
With A.L.M.A. this obligation can also become an opportunity that doubles the security: thanks to the antipanic handles and the exclusive AntiGerm treatment, which reduces 99% of bacteria. Without any increase in price.

And thanks to the new holes masking plates, replacing the old handles with A.L.M.A. handles becomes a very simple operation. These plates are compatible with antipanic devices of other manufacturers.
From today on the A.L.M.A. antipanic handles will be treated with AntiGerm, further improving safety performance, reliability, manufacturing and product quality. A solution that allows you to go beyond what the new legislation prescribes.
No panic, no bacteria, no additional costs.

Safety always pays off...