About us

A.L.M.A. Group is a national reality, based in Pietra Ligure, Savona, Italy, an organization made up of three companies specialized and integrated with each other, that has the aim of offering a complete portfolio system.

The union of three companies specialized and integrated with each other is crucial to ensure a complete service to the customer, which increasingly needs to have at his side a reality able to give concrete answers to the various issues that affect security management.

The corporate philosophy of A.L.M.A. Group is founded on the meeting of intent and goals and is based on continuous updating of our specialized staff, on a continuous dialogue between management and operational staff in pursuing the achievement of a high level of technology in response to the changing needs of the market.

We do not stop at the simple role of reseller but we are used to follow our customers step by step, to the full resolution of any emerging problem, ensuring safety and professionalism, consulting services, training and education.

Our motto is:

Security alway pays off...

We continue to work to improve and to respond professionally to all requests and needs of our customers. The achievement of global security will remain our main goal, avoiding that security become a mere routine job...